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Durrig's Secret Stash

We are entering the final days of the Durrig's Secret Stash Giveaway. It wraps up on Monday with the drawing for the Ornate Chest. There are still a few 7-day 100% XP Boosts available which only cost 50 points. Grab them while you can.

We've had a lot of video submissions (thanks guys!) so now it's time to really spread the word. I've made a few changes to help do that.

Video Sharing. Sharing a video will now grant you 25 points (enough for a lottery ticket). I've also lowered the cooldown to 4 hours, so share away! In addition, I've added a Reddit share link.

The Giveaway will be ending on October 22nd.

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Ornate Chest

Win a code for a Wrath of Heroes Ornate Chest! These chests contain an Elite Tactic, which are very potent. They can also be used in the new Alchemy system. This is a lottery and will last 2 weeks. You can purchase as many tickets as you want, so keep racking up those points!

Amount: 1

This is a lottery. Points can be redeemed for tickets, as many times as you want.

7-Day 100% XP Boost

Get a code for one 7-Day 100% XP Boost for Wrath of Heroes. The more XP you get, the more Mastery Points you have to spend!

Amount: 0


Daily Visit

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Create a WoH Video

Wrath of Heroes can be a very fun game to watch, so to complete this mission you'll need to make a gameplay video and upload it to YouTube.Once approved, the video will be automatically part of the 'Share Videos' mission so others can see your work and share it using various services. NOTE: In the youtube description of your video, include: Sites with Benefits. Otherwise, it will not pass verification. Once verified, it gets manually approved then the points are delivered.

Share Videos

Share a video created for this giveaway and get points! You'll also be helping to promote the game by getting more media out there. You can share a video once per day, so stop by and share another. (Daily)

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Durrig Trivia

Answer a question about Durrig.

Giveaway Feedback

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Like the the primary Fan Site and Forums for all thing Wrath of Heroes. It's got news, interesting discussions, and the developers even stop by to answer questions. It's also their 1st anniversary!

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