Get Started

Sites with Benefits is currently in a beta state, but ready to be used! If you would like to use it, feel free to log in. You can also contact me at and I'll guide you through it. You can also see a demo by using the tab on the right side of the screen.


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    Sites with Benefits allows you to engage and interact your readers in a number of ways for free. We currently offer 27 missions which your readers can participate in, which include integration with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google +1 and more!

    Sites with Benefits also includes a raffle/lottery system so you can run your own contests and giveaways for free. You can also setup a loyalty store for your users.

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    Get more involved with your favorite sites by participating in contests and giveaways! It's easy as there is no need to create a new account. Sites with Benefits supports Open ID and OAuth which lets you login with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and more!

    Earn rewards by completing Missions, such as creating a video, sharing links, participating in polls, answering trivia questions and more at no cost to you!


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Social Media

Reward your users for supporting you on a number of popular Social Media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus are all supported. Shown to increase the amount of tweets, likes and plus one's your content gets.

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Sites with Benefits allows you to reward your users for subscribing to your Youtube channel. Not only that, you can also reward them for watching a video and sharing it using multiple social media platforms.

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Daily Missions

Keep your users coming back to your site every day! Sites with Benefits features missions which can be completed once per day. These include automatic content sharing, posting on forums, and visiting the website.

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Twitch TV

Sites with Benefits features a tight integration with Twitch.Tv. Not only can you reward users for following your Twitch channel, you can also encourage them to watch your streams. By using a custom Twitch chat bot, we can give points to your viewers while they watch. They can then use these points on your website. It's a great loyalty program which has been shown to keep your viewers coming back.

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Custom Creations

Is there a mission that we don't support? We are happy to add it! One of our users wanted to reward users for making an account on their forums, so we added a mission to do just that. In this case it was Xenforo, and it is now available to all Sites with Benefits users. Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

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User Content

Do you want to encourage your users to create their own content about your product? Sites with Benefits allows you to reward video and text creation. Not only that, a mission is automatically created for your users to share this new content. These missions have been used to promote video games through videos and guides.